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MBA Student Testimonials

We measure our success by the success of our students, many of whom have shared their own personal stories with us. Be inspired and discover how our online programs can help open doors for you.

"There are different MBA tracks that have more specific concentrations like accounting, human resources and data analytics. Look at your schedule and see what works best for you. Chances are you will be able to find a path that will be smooth-sailing."

– Jenna Deischer | Read More

"It was daunting because when I first started the MBA without any business background, I thought, 'Oh, I'll probably take one class and quit.' Now, I look forward to each class. They're all different, but it's not so hard that you can't grasp the concept."

– Andrea Herschelman | Read More

"I have been able to balance my school and work life, so it has been very positive in that regard. I really like the fact that taking the classes online affords me the opportunity to study out in the field when I travel."

– Jon Hubers | Read More

"When I was in the MBA program, we actually looked into the logic and the qualitative aspects of, 'Okay, here's the math, but does this decision actually make sense?' As a business, there are always other factors, so that was really good for me."

– Stevie Lynch | Read More

"I always think that no matter what the background is of the person coming into the MBA program, they are likely to take courses in something they have not studied before. That was certainly the case with me."

– Joe Schaefer | Read More

"In order to advance my career through this larger company, I felt like the MBA would be a good asset. The MBA opens up doors to more opportunities."

– Nicole Williams | Read More

"It's a teaching moment [for my children] that school is very important for our future. I'm able to balance my personal life and my career as well as all of my coursework."

– Sarah Matthews online MBA graduate| Read More

"With the industry I'm in, which is finance, and my job track, which I have a pretty good idea of what that's going to be in the future, I felt like it was a good time to go back and refresh some skills and learn some of the new information that's out there—especially when I saw the data analytics opportunity. That is used very heavily in our industry."

– Brian Hape | Read More

"The MBA definitely helped me land my job... I know there were several other candidates when I interviewed for this position. I believe that MBA helped set me apart–especially having it at such an early age."

– Nathan Murphy | Read More

"We frequently travel to the Caribbean. In fact, I was able to go out of the country two or three times during my 10 months at USI. I never missed an assignment and was never late. If I can do it, anybody can do it."

– Sam Suiter | Read More

"I like engaging with people, face to face. That was a reservation I had about doing the MBA program online but there were not any issues. You still have that clear communication if you have questions for your teaching assistant or professor – they are just a phone call or email away. The program was absolutely manageable, and I enjoyed the flexibility of it the most."

– Anthony Gregory | Read More

"I did not know where I wanted to go for my MBA prior to going to USI for undergrad, but I knew that it was something that I wanted to do... I fell in love with the university and the faculty. It was an easy place to stay. I love it so much."

– Alyssa Moore | Read More

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