An MBA for Hoosiers in Manufacturing

The USI Online Master of Business Administration Program caters to busy professionals interested in advancing their careers and becoming business leaders. The program seeks students with hands-on experience in industrial environments, and the online format enables students to complete the required 30 hours of coursework when it is most convenient for their demanding schedules.

The USI online MBA was developed to meet the growing need for leaders at manufacturing companies in Indiana. The Southern Indiana region is home to many different types of companies, including manufacturing. Major employers in the Southern Indiana/Louisville area include national corporations, such as Papa John’s, Amazon, United Parcel Service (UPS), GE Appliances, Humana and Hitachi Cable, as well as home-grown businesses such as Samtech, Beach Mold & Tool, Koetter Woodworking and FireKing Security Group. Leaders are in short supply for many Southern Indiana companies, and MBA graduates are ready to meet those needs.

The Online MBA

While some online MBA programs require students to have an undergraduate degree in business, USI does not. Nor do these students have to take leveling or foundation courses in business before beginning their actual program courses.

Graduates of the 18-month online MBA program will have completed coursework that gives them a thorough grounding in business administration. The benefits of this program may include the following:

  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • The ability to use financial data to assess the performance of a given sector or division.
  • A deep understanding of how various segments of a company interact and interrelate.
  • Facility with the principles and practices of effective personnel management.
  • Experience analyzing performance indicators and economic forecasts.

Required Courses

There are 10 courses required for the USI online MBA:

  • Seminar in Management Accounting — the use of accounting data to plan, control and evaluate operations.
  • Legal and Social Environment of Business — understanding legal and ethical concerns for decision-makers.
  • Information Systems and Technology — using IT to manage operations and improve organizational performance.
  • Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions — provides an understanding of linear programming, network modeling, project management and multi-criteria analysis.
  • Business Economics and Forecasting — experience with optimization, market structure, pricing, risk analysis and more.
  • Financial Management and Markets — the essentials of corporate finance.
  • Marketing Strategies — the key marketing variables that decision-makers must consider.
  • Human Resource Management — getting the most out of employees while maintaining a positive and rewarding work environment.
  • Leadership Skills and Organizational Behavior — putting your experience and newly acquired skills to the test in team building and creative problem-solving while exploring the roles of dynamic leadership.
  • Strategic and International Management — a global perspective.

Why These Courses?

The required courses in USI’s online MBA program cover many aspects of a manufacturing corporation. These courses also incorporate information from areas outside the company — such as legal and social environments — that will affect the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis.

Upon completing these courses, students will have gained an in-depth understanding of the course material and how it relates to their future leadership roles at manufacturing companies in Indiana. This understanding is crucial for those who wish to manage and lead effectively. A leader cannot be truly effective without an appreciation for the overall function of companies and their divisions.

The Benefits of a USI Online MBA Program

The USI online MBA program from the Romain College of Business provides the experience and tools managers need at manufacturing companies in Indiana to advance their careers to the next level. Program coursework gets to the heart of the management skill set, and it offers you the competence and confidence to pursue your long-term management goals.

Learn more about the USI online MBA program.


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