What Jobs Are Trending for Engineers With an MBA?

The University of Southern Indiana Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Engineering Management online program prepares you for leadership roles in research and development, technology, manufacturing, construction and industrial management. The curriculum, emphasizing project management, quality control and supply chain distribution, is designed to help you hit the ground running in a wide variety of high-demand, high-compensation positions. It offers exceptional versatility so that graduates can find opportunities, regardless of economic conditions.

Here are just a few of the jobs that are trending for engineers with a specialized MBA degree, with average yearly salaries as of February 2021 according to Salary.com:

Energy Project Manager: Avg. Salary $80,883

As part of a collaborative team environment, the person in this role works on planning and executing projects alongside engineers, consultants, architects and accountants. This leadership position also works closely with senior executives and industry experts to acquire resources, coordinate team efforts and keep projects moving toward deadlines. Energy project managers define the scope of a project as well as its goals and deliverables. They also evaluate projects at each stage, building strong client relationships throughout and being proficient at presenting solutions and plans.

Manufacturing and Facilities Engineering Manager: Avg. Salary $101,083

This role is responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of a company’s physical infrastructure needs, including heating, air conditioning and ventilation. The position typically collaborates with engineers, systems designers and architects to ensure that everything works properly. Given the nature of this position, the work is especially vital during the construction of new facilities. The role requires exceptional problem-solving, critical thinking, and risk analysis skills and expertise in applicable regulations and codes.

Transportation and Distribution Logistics Manager: Avg. Salary $93,850

This challenging role manages the transportation network within an organization, including domestic and international transportation requests according to customer needs. The position evaluates and improves the network, providing oversight through subordinate managers and specialists. The role advises strategic and budgeting decisions arising from operations and requiring coordination with other departments.

Supply Chain Manager: Avg. Salary $110,457

This role supervises the supply chain and logistics operations to maximize efficiency and minimize organizational costs. The role is charged with developing distribution center operational processes and managing vendors’ qualifications and performance. It typically requires five years of experience in a contributing role and one to three years of supervisory experience.

Logistics Manager: Avg. Salary $114,670

This role plans for logistics policies and develops objectives and initiatives to achieve them. Responsibilities include working with other logistics management personnel to optimize production workflow by controlling distribution and transportation. Also, logistics managers seek to minimize costs by selecting vendors and negotiating with them. They manage staff in the day-to-day tasks, ensuring that goals and milestones are met. This role typically requires five years of contributing experience and one to three years in a supervisory capacity.

Quality Assurance Manager: Avg. Salary $112,528

This vital role is charged with developing and safeguarding quality standards in a manufacturing company. Supervising a team of specialists, quality assurance managers lead the testing and sampling of products. This assures proper, uniform operations that meet company and industry requirements, align with compliance standards, and products that are safe to use and free of defects. This role is also responsible for overseeing production processes, analyzing data and developing strategies for incrementally improving quality in both products and processes. The quality assurance manager also conducts in-house audits of inventory and documentation, confirming products are properly labeled before shipping.

This is an introduction to the diverse roles business graduates with an engineering background are prepared to pursue, with their versatility allowing them to address diverse and rewarding challenges.

Learn more about University of Southern Indiana’s online MBA program with a Concentration in Engineering Management.


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