A Message from the Dean


Dr. Mohammed Khayum

Dean, Romain College of Business

"Our program involves a focus on things that have value for individuals immediately. We want individuals in our program to make a difference from day one. From the day they enter the program, we want them to have something that they can take back to their organization and see that difference impacting what they do."

MBA Faculty Profiles


Dr. Jack Smothers

Assistant Professor of Management and MBA Program Director

"The best investment you will ever make is in your education."

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Dr. Jason Fertig

Associate Professor of Management

"Learn to follow before you learn to lead."

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Dr. Jill M. Oeding

Assistant Professor of Business Law

"You will never regret getting an education! Hard work pays off. When you make ethical decisions, others will."

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Dr. Dinko Bačić

Assistant Professor at USI

"[I started teaching] to learn and make an impact."

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Dr. Tim Schibik

Assistant Dean & Professor of Economics

"I love economics and trying to help people become better decision-makers—which is the primary emphasis of economics. The best way to help anyone is to teach."

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Dr. Sudesh Mujumdar

Chair, Department of Economics & Professor

"My passion as an economist is to try and really understand what’s driving something to happen that may not be obvious at first glance."


Jamie Seitz, CPA

Assistant Professor of Accounting

"Not only in the MBA program do you learn management skills, but if you aspire to be a controller or CFO, you’ll need to learn to safeguard the assets. We accomplish that with auditing."

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